What is nudging you to your greater good?

joyWe all have something in our life that is nudging us to our greater good.


I’ve had many of these nudges along the way…the latest being my business (BTW, this isn’t a blog about business; there’s a much bigger picture at play here, so read on…)


Being an entrepreneur has by far been one of my most significant life teachers. Nothing has made it more obvious just how important it is to follow my intuition; yet nothing has made me more stubbornly want to stick to the perceived safety of what is known.


Of course, following our intuition is necessary in all aspects of our lives, but for me business is where I found myself wrapped up in more outside beliefs, rules and ideas of how things “should” be than anywhere else in my life…or at least that’s how it felt.


I had worked with and let go of so many rules within many areas of my life, but this one theme was annoyingly effective in exposing my doubts and fears.


Eventually I hit a wall.  Actually I hit a few along the way, but this one created a defining choice point for me  – finally start fully trusting myself; trusting my guidance, and let go of the struggle OR be left to the limited devices of my mind which continued to sway me into thinking I needed to do things on my own…the hard…and oh so not fun way.


I finally got pissed off enough to say ENOUGH!!!


I was DONE living my life any other way than how I wanted to live it.


I was done allowing my mind to shame me into feeling wrong for wanting to do things my way; I was done with the doubts that kept me seeking a new plan, a new structure, a new strategy; I was done with the worry that I may never get to where I wanted to be…and enjoy it; I was done trying to force myself (never successfully) to do stuff I just didn’t want to do…I just couldn’t do it.


I was done with anything that didn’t bring me joy.


I spent many years trying to do things the “right” way in my business, only to be left feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.  I was doing what I loved, but not always loving what I was doing.


What the hell else was I supposed to do then?  I’m pretty sure I covered all the bases.  …Oh yeah…except for the one where I totally let go of everyone else’s ways of doing things and totally, completely and unapologetically do things my own way!


And it was this last tie to past conditioning where I felt the final threads of living according to outside rules begin to completely unravel. And ahhh…..what relief.


For me it was business, but for you it may be another area of your life – maybe parenting, maybe relationships, maybe health, maybe money, or maybe just a general lack of direction & purpose…


Regardless of what it is, if you aren’t already living your life with your own flare, there is probably something that is pestering you.  It appears as a struggle, or problem, or frustration, or difficulty…BUT what it really is, is a message.


It’s your Soul calling you to remember; begging you to wake up.  And for most of us it takes something not working in our lives to finally get to a point of surrender; to get to a point of acknowledging that the gig is up, you’ve had enough, and it’s time to do life a little differently.


Cause here’s the thing…it really, really is time to fine tune our lives – to oust the old, and refresh the way you’ve been participating in life.


Struggle…it’s a thing of the past!  Really.  It is.


Quite frankly we never really needed struggle in order to survive, but we picked up on that over time and never thought to question it.  Well now it’s time to question it.


So if you’re willing to listen and accept that your struggles are just simply a message, you get to start living according to your own rules…or even better, no rules!…and just relax into life.