What to Do When You Don’t Know What You Want to Create in Your Life

You don’t have to have all the details. It’s okay not to know. The fact that you are even thinking beyond the idea that you-just-get-what-you-get is leaps ahead of most. But of course that doesn’t mean you stop there.


To start, write out a very general idea of what you want (ex. creatively successful; healthy and fit; calm and at peace; fulfilling relationships, time for myself, etc.) Even with what seems to be a vague intention, the essence of what you want is there and it gives the universe something to start with…it opens the door a crack.


With that vision in tow, just then start to follow your curiosity. Lean into things that interest you. Take some steps and actions you haven’t done before. These may seem like piddly little steps, but what they do is tell the universe you’re serious.


It’s not necessarily these specific steps you take that are going to lead you straight to your dreams. These just get the energy moving and let the universe know you’re receptive. For every step you take the universe backs you up with hundreds of invisible steps you can’t even see that they’re taking on your behalf.


And then just pay attention. Keep listening. Keep following what interests you.


For me, once I resigned from teaching all I knew I wanted was to help people in some form of teaching. I wanted to help people live lives they loved. Kinda vague. But it’s what I do even though back then my first step was to enroll in getting certified in Hypnotherapy. I LOVED the classes. I looked forward to every one of them even though they took up most my weekends. I didn’t care. I was loving what I was learning. …And I met fantastic people in my classes that are still in my life today.


However, once I got into actually doing hypnotherapy, I didn’t like it…at all. It felt like a chore. That then organically evolved into me coaching them during sessions instead. It just came natural and it’s where I realized that I had a knack for it. It’s where I learned that I’m really damn good at seeing where it is that people are getting in their own way and being able to help them shift the energy around it. It’s where I realized just how intuitive I actually was…which ironically up to that point I didn’t think I was at all. It turned out mine just looked a little different than what I expected it to look like.


Eventually even coaching felt flat…the way I was doing it at the time anyway. And the word coach just never really felt true to who I was and what I came to do…even though there is still an aspect of it in what I do now.


I won’t go into my whole history and all the nuances of my evolution, but my point is you get clues and pointers along the way. Follow them. I know where I’m at now will continue to change, grow and evolve. I don’t want to be stagnant. I’m a creator damit…and that’s what I came here to do…create, experience, enjoy.


So just keep following the breadcrumbs and trusting. There isn’t necessarily one final destination. For some they may find what feels like their thing and stay there…and that’s cool. Others what to experience a buffet…and that’s cool too. It’s all a choice. And it’s all perfect.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t find “it” right off the bat. Just try to enjoy the whole journey all the way or else your relentless search for “it” will actually start to hinder you.


You’ll know you’ve hit your sweet spot when everything you do fills you with joy.


So don’t let the not fully knowing where you’re going to end up stop you, start your life on a new trajectory now! (free) – http://www.absoluteawareness.ca/conscious-creation-course/