When Things Feel Slow In Coming


You’re a creator and of course you want your creations to show up in your reality. So when they aren’t, or they feel slow in coming, it can be quite a frustrating thing. …And then of course your frustration with it all, continues to hold it all off. SO, here are some suggestions that may help put your mind at ease, relax your body, and remind you that there is a bigger picture at play.


When things feel slow in coming, here are some things to consider…


  • The Universe knows your desires and also knows the desires of everyone else involved, and other people and certain situations may need to be in place for everything to line up in order for it all to come together…this is where divine timing come in. The Universe is working for the Whole and making sure that all heart’s desires come together at the perfect time and in the perfect way.


  • The Universe isn’t going to just give you “stuff” to coax you along the way and appease your impatience; it’s holding out to deliver what you really, really want.


  • You can’t get this wrong; just like a seed is encoded with the requirements to become a flower, you are already encoded with everything you are meant to become…you just need to allow yourself time to fully bloom.


  • Things are unfolding..you just can’t see it. Your doubt stalls it, so you want to work on learning how to release your doubt.


  • Whenever you feel good, know that you are on track.


  • All contrast is helping you to further fine-tune and build what you want a little more.


  • You may be in the process of collecting more data to build the momentum of what you want into something even better.


  • Perhaps the Universe has something even bigger and better in store for you, and so what you’re asking for is a drop in the bucket in comparison, but the timing for what they have in store isn’t right for you right now.


  • Maybe your Higher Self is holding out for the momentum to really pick up and when you come into alignment everything will move super quickly and you don’t have to gradually wait for it all to drip out over time.


These are all just food for thought as to “why” things may feel slow in coming. We can’t ever really know why, but if you can spin it into something that feels good while you “wait” it’ll help you relax into it. Find a way to be happy along the way…don’t wait to be happy until you get what you want.





The Surrender Kit: Surrendering it All to Have it All


Surrender isn’t about giving up on your dreams…it’s about giving up the struggle.

Surrender isn’t about letting go of the wanting…it’s about letting go of the timing and delivery method.

Surrender isn’t about settling…it’s about being so damn certain of your desire’s inevitability that you become willing to let it come in its own time and in its own way.

Surrender isn’t about not caring…it’s about holding the bigger vision, but letting the divine deal with the details.

Surrender isn’t about doing nothing…it’s about relaxing, trusting, and following your next guided step.