Who has time for that?!

Who has time for that?!

Who Has Time For ThatDo you ever feel like time is the enemy?  That you are constantly negotiating your time, and you don’t get included on the docket of things that must be done…other than you get to be the driver?


This past weekend I went back to my parents farm in Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving (which was great by the way!).  At one of our meals I was sharing how I took my daughter, Mackenzie (9), for a “Mom & Me” Spa Day for her birthday.  As I was saying how I love the spas where you can hang out for the day wearing a robe, drinking tea, journaling, reading, and going in the hot tub between treatments, my sister responded with “Who has time for that?!”


…And it was a reminder to me of just how many other moms feel the same way.  She was speaking for more than just herself.


The thoughts of…

  • That would be nice, but…
  • I wish I could, but…
  • I could use that, but…


OR not even entertaining the thought because it doesn’t even feel like a possibility.


Now believe me, I can relate to all that also, but the truth is because I’m aware of how quickly our fast paced, scheduled lives can take over, I make a conscious effort to ensure that my self-care becomes part of the equation.


Yep, sometimes I have to hit struggle mode before I get the message, BUT I always come back to knowing the importance of self-care and I make time for it…ESPECIALLY when it feels like there isn’t time.  That’s when we need it most!


Over time I’ve found that I hit the struggle mode less and less often. And even when I do, I can snap out of it a lot more quickly.


It’s for this reason that I have put together the Shed Your Mom Hat (for the weekend) & Shift Your Focus to You (guilt-free) Retreat.  To provide an opportunity for you to throw your hat into the ring.  And let’s be honest…for me too.  I LOVE retreats!!!  And I can’t imagine spending it in a better way than sharing it with other open-minded moms who are ready for growth and awareness!


But it’s more than just that.  I know that self-care is just part of what you need. I don’t want this to be an “escape” from your crazy life.  I want this to be the start (or continuation) of the shift you are wanting to make in your life toward living with more flow, spaciousness, peace, and joy. I truly want this for you…and your family.


Sure, self-care is certainly part of it, but during this weekend we are going to be delving deeper and discussing why that’s only one layer to what needs to shift; one piece of the puzzle.


Because of this I had a strong desire to combine the elements that create change, which are:

  • Self-care & making yourself a priority (and by default your family benefits)
  • Deep, soul-nurturing discussions, learnings, insights & awarenesses
  • Mother Nature!  Being in the mountains is SO rejuvenating and healing.
  • The synergy of an amazing group of like-minded moms which adds a whole other dimension of awareness and connection (I have found group dynamics to be powerful in supporting change)
  • Light-heartedness & laughter (Yes, we will be having some deep conversations, BUT we do it all without taking life too seriously…it’s meant to be fun after all!)


“My greatest spiritual practice is laughter.” ~Anita Moorjani

Now, I have to admit, I used to say, “I’m not a spa girl.”  BUT once I allowed myself to go and enjoy it, my tune quickly changed.  It makes me feel special, pampered, and peaceful.  It’s now become one of the ways I love and nurture myself; the way I show myself I’m worth it and deserving.  For that reason I’m also allowing time in our schedule if you choose to pamper yourself with a spa treatment.  Hey, why not?!


SO, if this creates a spark in you and lights you up, I invite you to please listen to that desire.  It’s there for a reason.  It’s TIME to shift your focus to you….without the guilt!  http://www.absoluteawareness.ca/mountain-retreat/


Sincerely from my heart to yours. ~xoxox



PS. My team and I are working on putting together the registration page for this retreat and will have it ready for you soon!  I was eager to send this love letter to you so the final details of the pages aren’t quite done, but if you are interested there are more details here – http://www.absoluteawareness.ca/mountain-retreat/  – and you can email me to reserve your spot!