Why Are We So Afraid To Slow Down?

Why Are We So Afraid To Slow Down?

I’m sure that it is not big news to you to hear that we live in a hyper-paced society. Just listening to conversations, and looking around at people scurrying from one activity or errand to the next is proof enough that this is true. After being asked “How are you?” a common response is “Busy.”

Why do we continue to live this way? Part of it is what we have learned from observing the society we live in and it is what we know; and part of it is because we have been programmed from a young age to equate busyness with value. In talking with many people a reoccurring theme emerged indicating that is what was taught to them…sitting idly is non-productive, therefore non-beneficial. We have come to believe this so much so that some even claim that they enjoy being busy. I know in the past I was certainly guilty of claiming to enjoy being busy, however, when I started to evaluate “why” I thought I liked being busy, I realized there were underlying pay-offs I received.

What are you afraid will happen if you make the choice to slow down? Are you afraid:
• you will lose how others view you?…and you like the recognition.
• your kids will be deprived or held back in some way?
• you won’t feel important?
• that things would fall apart if you didn’t do them?
• you would be missing out on something?
• you would be judged?
• you would have to face your true emotions?
• of not being loved?
• that you would be lost, because you don’t know any other way?

Rest assured there is always a pay-off for the actions and choices we make. When we come to understand why we choose to do the things we do, we are then is a position to change them.

I believe that it is truly important to teach ourselves a new way. There are so many benefits to slowing down – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. So, now is the time to ask yourself, “If I was not afraid, what would I be doing right now?”

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