Why It Can Feel So Hard To Change

catchupWe think that our difficulty with trying to change is due to our lack of motivation, drive, determination, and perseverance.  We beat ourselves up; we make ourselves wrong.  But it isn’t about us at all.  The problem is the framework we were given.


There’s a reason so many of us are aiming for more; reaching for something beyond the ordinary.  It’s because our soul knows there’s more; it’s nudging us to expect more, to experience more, to love more, to enjoy more.  It’s badgering us to step into the full potential and unlimited possibilities that are meant for us.


…and it won’t stop til we listen.


Because of past conditioning, this does require some things to change.  The first starting with our mind.


But why does the change feel so hard?


You can affect change through the avenue of science (logic) or through the avenue of spirituality (spirit).  It’s all the same, just different vocabulary; just different points of access.


Although, by and large, I prefer to use the language of spirituality, since to me it feels to have a softer, more warm and fuzzy approach, my logical mind has also sought out understanding through science.


Since we live in a society that is currently dominated by our mind, it’s important to appease our mind so that it’s willing and open for change.  …To ease our mind into going along with our hearts.


One of the reasons so many find it difficult to change is because we believe change is complicated – that it takes hard work, that it takes time, and that the reward only comes after the struggle.  And the longer that we’ve had an issue…the more work, time, and struggle it takes.


The reason we have bought into the complications and difficulties of change is based in science.


We have been living according to what is known as classical physics (Newtonian) which was established centuries ago, and from it was constructed an accepted and extensive system of rules that have powerfully influenced every aspect of our western world.


Just as everything evolves, so has the understanding of our universe.  Einstein got the ball rolling on understanding our world in a different way, and many have been expanding on his concepts since. However we haven’t all caught up with these new awarenesses yet.


Through quantum physics we now understand that our universe is fundamentally different than the ideas, rules and paradigms we have been living by.


We now know “we are part of a vast invisible field of energy which contains all possible realities and responds to our thoughts and feelings.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza


Just as when the idea was introduced that the earth was not flat, it took time for humans to believe this as true.  It is now taking us time to adjust to the ideas in quantum physics…even though quantum physics has been around for over a century, is the most accurate and reliable body of science created, and is now supporting what ancient mystics have been teaching for centuries.


Of course we aren’t kicking classical physics to the curb, but we are expanding on our knowledge of how our world works.


“Classical physics is still an accurate and appropriate science to use with the material world that’s visible to the naked eye.  But when we examine the very tiny and the very large world, we need a different science to understand its properties. That science is quantum physics and it has changed almost all the rules.” – Greg Kuhn


There is so much complexity around the concepts and theories of quantum physics…most of which is too lofty for me to articulate…but there are several points that are important to know in order to start evolving your current paradigm of living; to start altering the current lens through which you view your world.


So, stay with me here, I’m not going to get too sciency on you…just enough to make you dangerous.


  1. An atom is 99.9999% empty space. This means you, and everything in your world, is mostly empty space. This means that only .00001% is actual physical substance/matter. This means that everything you see is only an infinitesimal fraction of what reality really is. Which means that things aren’t quite what we think they are; that the movie The Matrix really isn’t that far off.  ….Whoa! Crazy right?!…but also really cool.


All this empty space is often referred to as the quantum field – the quantum field is an invisible field of energy that represents all possibilities & is called many names – Source, Universe, God, Higher Self – to name a few.


What this means for you – You are a lot more than what you think you are and who you think you are.  It has become obvious that the quantum field, your Source, is the larger part of who you are, and you have the power to tap into this field where the possibilities and potential for you are unlimited.


  1. Your mind has an effect on your world. The “observer effect” shows that where you place your focus affects your material/physical world.  It was discovered that electrons, which are the building blocks of all matter, take the form they are expected to take when observed.


“What we focus on expands.  You see and experience exactly what you expect to see and experience.” Greg Kuhn


What this means for you – If you believe that your thoughts play a role, you will begin to

focus on what you want versus what you don’t want.  When you focus on what you don’t want you just get more of what you don’t want.  You will also begin to understand that on some level you are experiencing what you expect…and because you can fine-tune what you expect, you no longer will be able to feel victim to your circumstances.


  1. Everything is electromagnetic energy that vibrates at different frequencies.


What this means for you – Your thoughts, your expectations, your beliefs are all electromagnetic energy and they are attracting other magnetically like vibrations.  Any expectations you hold (conscious or not) you will attract.  Your expectations command the quantum field to create your physical world.


  1. Everything you have ever desired is already a reality in the quantum field.


What this means for you – What you desire is already done.  You don’t have to make it happen.  You don’t have to effort, force, push and strive (start changing your mind with my No Striving Challenge). To access what you want and make it a reality in your visible world you need raise your vibration to match it.  …And trying too hard is a very low vibration, which is cemented in the old classical physics framework.


  1. The quantum field has an intelligence.


What this means for you – Just like you don’t have to consciously tell your heart to beat, your hair to grow, and your lungs to breathe, you don’t have to figure out how to make things happen for you.  You set the intention through your thoughts and feelings, and the rest is done for you. If you need to take action, you’ll be guided.


  1. Things don’t happen in the linear sequence we have believed. It is our continuous focus that keeps it in a holding pattern.


What this means for you – Your potential realities already exist in the quantum field, therefore you have the potential of jumping to another reality based on where you are putting your focus.  Time and space do not limit you.


  1. The shifts that need to occur, first need to occur in your inner world.


What this means for you – You first need to raise your vibration through your thoughts and feelings which are part of your inner landscape. Once you feel shifts on the inside, your outer world will adjust to reflect those inner changes.  Therefore, how you think and feel is more important than the action you take.


Until now we have been trying to create change by following an outdated mode of understanding, so it is no wonder that we have encountered frustration and disappointment…which has caused us to either give up or try even harder…which has then led to stress, fatigue and pain…which has then led to feeling stuck and victims of life.


Quantum physics certainly messes with the beliefs we have adhered to for so long, which may make it tempting to stick with the comfortable and familiar, however, although it may feel risky and counter-intuitive, it is in your best interest to not dismiss these findings. Eventually what appears to be radical to us will one day be the norm.


There are many conceptual leaps for us to make, but it is necessary to be willing to have an open mind and adopt a new way of thinking.  Once we are open to shifting into a new paradigm, the changes we desire have the freedom to occur.


PS. If you’d like to dive deeper in quantum physics, email me and I’ll happy direct you to some resources.