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When you’re in the thick of your In-Between Stage, sometimes you just need a place to be heard, and where the space is held for you…without judgement. You may need help getting back to that place of trust, knowing, and enthusiasm for life; you may need help remembering who and what you really are and what that really means for you.


From time to time everyone needs a little pick me up, a blast of hope, an infusion of confidence, help through a rough patch, permission to trust themselves and/or a re-direct. It’s normal. …And you most definitely do not have to go it alone.


I’ve certainly encountered those moments where someone says the right thing to me at the right time…and everything shifts; my mind opens; my body lightens, and my heart expands. And that’s what these sessions are about – to bring relief and drop resistance to whatever it is that’s got you on the hook. Cause once this happens, things can start moving and shakin’ again…and you’ll feel a whole lot better for it.


We can hop on the phone for an hour-ish chat, and zero in on what’s going on for you, what may be holding you back, and what you need to get back in the flow again. If you’re looking for some new insight and fresh perspectives which spark renewed energy, direction and focus, a swift shift session is perfect.


Session – $160 CAD




Want to accerlate the learning curve? Ready to live a life you wake up excited about every morning, and where your dreams materialize into reality sooner rather than later? Perfect. I’m with you on that!


There’s no question you can do this on your own…you’re a powerful creator after all. But there’s also no question that when we do it on our own there’s a little bit more trial and error, fits and bursts, tears and tiredness…because let’s face it…doing it on our own just takes more effort…and can feel a little lonely. So if you’re wanting some support along the way, I am more than happy to be that for you. xo


These sessions start with intentionally programming your energy field with what you want, and then assist you to…


      • collapse the old
      • dissolve the energetic distortions and split energy that are sending mixed messages
      • break through the ceiling of limitation and lack mentality
      • let go of worry, doubt and insecurities
      • ease the discomfort that happens when you are shifting into a new reality
      • see and integrate your hidden parts back into the whole
      • not fall back into old conditioning and unwanted realities
      • build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be
      • infuse trust if things seem slow to change
      • understand and embrace the entire process
      • develop a strong, clear and unwavering connection with the divine
      • claim your creator status and take responsibility for it
      • …and ultimately, raise your vibration to match up with the vibration of your dreams


These sessions evolve you through your In-Between Stage with way less detours and distractions, and with way more understanding of the big picture process.


These packages are for those who are ready to take their life to the next level, who are willing to face what needs to be faced, to feel what needs to be felt, to do the inner work necessary to clear up what’s in the way, and to take the inspired and creative steps forward that will move the energy and create momentum in the direction of their dreams.


When you are willing, ready and committed to living a life you truly are excited about, a team of Universal support comes in to actively aid you…and I would love to be one of the on-site members of your team. We all came here equipped with innate gifts and talents, and one of mine is to be able to see through the stories and blinds spots that are in your way, to be able to see and hold the vision of who you truly are, and to guide you back to your authentic and divine self…where you get to experience and enjoy all the trimmings of a divinely led and inspired life.


If you’re at that leaping off point and are ready to step into your new reality, I am confident I can assist you greatly with your journey. xo




3 Sessions – $430 CAD

6 Sessions – $795 CAD


The moment you decide, everything starts to shift to align with your decision. Contact me at to get started!