You Get To Have It All!

I recorded a quick video for you this weekend! I’ve had so much I’ve been wanting to say, but quite honestly just haven’t made the time to hop on the computer to write. So instead I thought I’d start by sayin’ it!


I had set an intention of what I wanted my life to look like and how I wanted it to feel, and I have found that intention has become a navigational target and that I’m being perfectly led every step of the way. At times I have encountered a bit of a storm, but I always know that it’s a stepping stone; it’s a chance to break through a threshold and move beyond any limits that I had allowed to be set.


Whenever there is a new awareness I come across, and especially when I have moved beyond a limit and into more clarity, I always have a strong desire to share. And although there is no way that I can put everything I want to share into one short video, I felt that this was a really good place to start…just a little reminder for your soul.


So with that being said, here’s my video (11 min)…