You Ready for More in Life? The Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle is ready for you!

If you just want to get straight to the goods of the program here it is – Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle.




For a little story around the WHY of the program, read on…


One of the things I really craved…still do…as I’ve been on this little journey called Life, was to have a circle of people around me who were…

  • wanting the same things I wanted – peace, ease, joy, creativity, freedom, fulfilment, fun
  • willing to focus on what was going right, not just on what was going wrong
  • open to seeing things in a fresh, new, and more expanded way
  • willing to blaze their own trail and create their own rules
  • willing to rise above the limitations, and remain committed to a larger vision
  • confident and vulnerable enough to be real
  • wanting to share this journey in a light-hearted and fun way
  • willing to give a boost of genuine encouragement and support, and open to the same in return
  • aware that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves


That may sound like a tall order, but at our core, I believe we all crave this.  Right now we are at a point in history where our world is evolving quickly, and the energies have been intense at times.  These energies are stripping us of what is no longer working; what is no longer authentic.  And in its wake it has left many of us searching for something more.


But these new energies are also creating opportunities and possibilities that have never been available to us before.  It’s an exciting time, but can also be a confusing time.  And we definitely don’t need to be going it alone!


One of my biggest challenges has been learning…and being willing…to just relax and trust life.  I was told many years ago that I just needed to surrender – a spiritual way of saying JUST RELAX.  My response – “Uhh yeah, but how???”


The idea of “surrendering” was foreign.  I certainly wasn’t taught that by relaxing we can get everything we want…and more…in life.  So it’s taken some time to undo a lot of the old ways of thinking and living.


Being able to relax into life became my ultimate goal.


Along the way, I had many ups and downs, many delights and disappointments, much happiness and stress. I ping-ponged between the two extremes.


Although I am by no means an enlightened guru who has transcended all human drama and chaos, I have managed to learn a thing or two along the way, and I do live primarily from a place of trust…even when it’s holy-shit scary.


I always found something (usually books) that kept me anchored into staying the course, but I would be lying if I didn’t also admit I would have loved to have had a circle of people surrounding me that were on the same page.


Because of that, I have had the urge for quite some time to bring together a group that has a genuine desire to live more meaningful and fulfilled lives; to bring together people who also recognize that we deserve more from life; and to bring together people who want to do it with ease, flow and fun!


As committed and intent as I have been to stay the course, I’ve encountered many moments where…

  • I felt very much alone
  • I doubted and questioned myself and what I hoped was possible
  • I wondered if what I wanted was feasible, and if it would ever actually happen
  • I had guilt for feeling selfish and expecting too much
  • I was hard on myself because many times it appeared I had fallen back into old ways
  • I got pissed off at the Universe and had little temper tantrums…usually in my journal
  • I went into fear and survival mode just praying everything would be okay


There’s no question that at times this has been an emotional trek, but something has always prompted me to keep going.  I felt this inner promise of there being more…and I just wasn’t willing to settle.
And of course along the way things have gotten better…and better…and better.


From an outsiders perspective much of my life may have looked the same, but how I felt on the inside was where the real shifts were taking place – more peace, more ease, more calm, more trust, more flow.


But let’s be honest, we want to see things change on the outside too.  And they do…they definitely do. But it always is a result of what’s going on inside…always.


So that’s where we gotta focus – on the inside…and that’s where we need the most support, since we have always been taught the complete opposite. Of course there will be some outer action you may need to take, but it always will come back to how you feel on the inside.


How you feel on the inside = what you see and experience on the outside.


I now have so much evidence that what I have always felt is true – that if I just relaxed, life would take care of itself.


I know that I am not alone when it comes to desiring more and wanting more out of life, but many of us have been trying to travel it solo…and that gets a little dull. And when we hit the rough patches it’s easy to bail.


It’s for this reason that I have been wanting to form a group which becomes an anchor –

  • a place where you feel supported
  • a place where you can be vulnerable
  • a place where you can go when you need a pick-me-up
  • a place where you will have on-going direction, guidance and focus
  • a place where you can receive love, wisdom, and encouragement
  • a place to remind you of who you are and what you deserve.
  • a place where you can talk about your heart’s desires without embarrassment, shame or guilt


So that’s what I’ve done. I’m melding the beauty of connection with the practice of focus and expansion.  I’m marrying soul conversations with a guided program so that we can get to where we’re going via the most direct route.


relax into life soul sister circle banner3


This little gem is called the Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle.


If what I have been saying is speaking to your soul, I invite you to become part of it. …and invite your friends along too!


Wanna know more? Already in? You can find the details and sign up here – Relax into Life · Soul Sister Circle.


I can’t WAIT to get started with this program!  And I’d love for you to join me. xo