Your Desires Have Great Purpose…So Go Ahead and Want What You Want

My search for my connection with my true self didn’t start out as a search for my true self…it started out as a seeking to “get” what I wanted.


I’d love to paint myself as the wise and altruistic soul that just knew that there was a higher and deeper meaning to life, but that’s not quite how it went down. The truth is…I just wanted life to be a little bit better.


It wasn’t even that I was reaching for something more. More accurately, I was trying to avoid what already was.


I wasn’t happy in my career, and I simply wanted to stop waking up with a heavy heart and stop dreading the day ahead. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to improve my life a little. I wanted to fix what wasn’t working. I wasn’t going for anything big or grandiose. I just wanted to feel better.


Finally, after much internet surfing to find what I hoped would be a new career which would be the solution to all my angst, I had what could only be described as a divine intervention moment, when I was made aware of the knowing that we get to create our reality. This was the hope I needed. It was the spark that jumped started my life again.


Initially when I learned that we are in fact creators, and that we get to participate in creating our own reality through the use of our thoughts, I used this knowing as a means to an end. There were things I wanted, and I ardently went about trying to get them.


I went about cleaning up some of my thoughts, and I went about trying to improve myself by tweaking where I thought I needed tweaking. I will say, through this alone, I most certainly did experience improvements in my life. There was no doubt that things were shifting and changing, but I also couldn’t deny that although things were changing, I still didn’t feel all that different.


Ultimately I came to realize that all this was not about trying to fix, improve or better myself…or my conditions. This was about reclaiming the truth of who I was. All these little tweaks I’d been making were all well and good, but could only take me so far because they were being made within the confines of my old conditioning and limited mind. There’s only so far I could get with that.


What I became aware of was that it was about reclaiming my truth – the truth that I was a divine being; and it was also about transcending the old – the old ways of thinking, the old conditioning, the old ways of being, the old ideas and beliefs.


It became obvious that by and large, we as a collective were operating on old and out-dated modes of being. We were using constructs that were put in place through history, that clearly were not working. I wasn’t the only one who was living with this low-grade depression, anxiety, and angst. We had an entire industry put into play to manage the rising emotional distress, as well as treat the symptoms of what eventually turned into physical sickness.


But the symptoms were just a mask for what was really going on. We were trying to attack and solve problems with an outward focus, but what was needed was much more profound than that.


Instead of improving on what was already there, I realized it was about letting all the old go, and plugging into a new way of being; a new frequency. And what this frequency was was of our highest and most divine remembering.


We are not merely humans needing to flub around in a world that is limited to certain constructs and rules. We are spiritual beings that are unlimited and have the power to create beyond what we had been told.


We didn’t come here to abide by the rules already set. We came to transcend all those and create anew.


When you’re coming from this reclaimed part of yourself, there’s no need to do things in little itty bitty increments. Your knowing of the truth of yourself trumps all the little steps you could take. One step in knowing is a thousand times more powerful than a thousand steps taken in forgetfulness.


And just as with me, the fact is, how most of us stumble upon our deeper connection often comes through the seeking of something we want…and there’s nothing wrong with that. So want what you want…and allow it to guide you to that deeper part within you that can bring you the joy, peace, and ease that you want. These are your natural settings, you just need to find your way back to them.


And don’t be surprised when you also get all those external wants as well, cause here’s the thing…when we fully know and embrace the truth of who we are, we also come back into our full creator capacities, and there is no limit to what we can create and bring into being.