Your Life Gets to Be More than it is Right Now

meant for moreWith all the awful, gloomy and scary things that go on in the world, it’s hard to believe that we are meant to have outrageously good lives.


…but we are.


We just need to be reminded…repetitively.


And that’s what I plan to do.  Remind you, convince you, assure you, persuade you, prompt you…whatever it takes.


Because we didn’t come here to settle, we didn’t come here to live in fear, we didn’t come here to coast, we didn’t come here to pass time.


We came here to engage, experience and participate…with all the good stuff.


And the cool part?  When we do this we also begin to transform the energy of the entire planet…that’s seriously how powerful we are.  But it starts with you.


It’s true.  You get to have it all.


By divine inheritance you get to be amazingly abundant, vibrantly healthy, gratifyingly successful, deeply loved, and joyfully fulfilled….but more importantly, as you enjoy all of these things, you also get to have the profound peace, the deep joy, the inner calm, the boundless gratitude…you get to live with the expansive feeling of well-being and contentment.


This is what we is ours.


Of course, I didn’t always trust that we’re supposed to have it all.  I had a “well, it could be worse” mentality.  It was with this outlook that I often tried to comfort others who were struggling with something – “Oh, so your relationship is really shitty? That sucks. Well, Mary’s husband just found out he’s sick.  It could be worse.”


Seriously, it could be worse??? Whoa, that is not how I want to live my life!  Constantly comparing to other’s lives reminding myself that I could have it worse.  No thank you.  …But I did that for a time.


Some could say that’s a very optimistic view to take…seeing the silver lining. I mean…it could be worse. 😉 But optimistic or not, we can aim higher.


Years ago I recall trying to make my husband feel better about a situation, and I used my uplifting and inspiring “it could be worse” speech.  His response woke me up.  He said, “Really? Because someone else has it worse, I should feel better??”


Hmm…well when you put it that way.  Turns out…not so uplifting and inspiring.


That caused me to pause and rethink how I’d been thinking. I had suspected that we are meant to have outrageously good lives, but as I got older, there seemed to be little evidence to support that suspicion. So I just fell into the frame of mind that we should be satisfied with who we are, where we are, and what we have.  After all…it could be worse.


But I have since circled back to the knowing that we do get to have it all.


We came here equipped with everything we need to live the life we want to live.  We didn’t come here to compare ourselves and adjust our desires based on what we’re seeing and hearing.


We didn’t come here to…


  • Settle because others have less
  • Be jealous because others have more
  • Dampen our joy because other’s insist on misery
  • Conform because other’s declare they’re right
  • Live in self-pity because the world claims life’s hard
  • Work hard, push, and strive because struggle is admired


Do we still have compassion for those who have forgotten life is meant to be good?  You betcha.  Do we still support where we can?  Hell yeah.  But don’t worry about them.  Their soul is calling them too.  They’re not abandoned. …so don’t abandon yourself.


To expect more is not a selfish way to live.  This is the only way to live.  This is the only way to rise above the limitations and live beyond what we are currently living.


But you first have to believe that you are meant to have an outrageously good life. You can build from there.


Most have buried the truth, have blindly accepted, and have been ignoring the signs.


Not liking your job? …There’s a reason.

Not liking your body? …There’s a reason.

Feeling strapped for cash? …There’s a reason.

Feeling overwhelmed and lost? …There’s a reason.

Feeling sad and hopeless? …There’s a reason.

Feeling alone and unloved? …There’s a reason.


The reason is…because there’s more!  Whatever that looks like for you; however it’s meant to make its way to you…there’s more.  More joy, more meaning, more abundance, more health, more love, more peace.  Just more.


Stop trying to escape what isn’t working.  Start accepting the messages.


Your soul knows there’s more, and it’s throwing crap in your path so that you wake up and pay attention. It wants you to get pissed off enough to do something about it.


I don’t always like the messages I’m getting, but I do know what they mean.


Stop complaining, stop moping, stop settling.


You don’t have to figure it all out.  Right now you just need to welcome the idea that you get to have more, and you get to be more. The next steps will be given to you.  Your soul knows.


When you can do this, your soul will wake up, stretch and say “Ahh…now we’re getting’ somewhere.”