Your Soul Team wants to talk to you. Join me on Instagram for #DearSoulTeam Notes.

equippedI talk to my Soul Team every day.


Yep, I’ve got a Soul Team…and so do you.


I’m not exactly sure who is all part of my Soul Team, but I do know they’ve always got my back.


Obviously I’m part of the team…I mean, it’s my team after all.  And then I’m thinkin’ that my team looks something like this…


  • A committee of kick-ass, high-powered Angels who are on the job 24/7.
  • My Higher Self who has a bird’s eye-view of everything and keeps me on the best path….and gives me nudges when I’m wandering off.
  • My aunt who I always felt was keeping me safe and out of trouble when I was younger.
  • My mother-in-law who was fiercely protective and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Nothing and nobody is gonna mess with her.  Glad she’s on my team!
  • My childhood dog, Logan. …If he’s not mad at me for having to put him down.  But in my defense, he kept eating our neighbor’s chickens!
  • I’m also kinda hoping that Wayne Dyer is now on my team. (Wayne…this is your formal invite.)
  • And of course, part of my team is also cleverly disguised in human form.


This team…or some version of it…has kept me from feeling alone and lost many, many times. It has uplifted me, inspired me, supported me, guided me, comforted me, loved me…and reminded me of who I am and what is possible.


I love to journal.  This is where I have a lot of my conversations with my Soul Team.  When my thoughts are scattered, and my emotions bruised, I write.


I start every journal entry with Dear Soul Team.  This is where I have my private little chats with my Soul. It’s where I bear it all. It’s where I share my fears, my frustrations, my hopes, my dreams. It’s where I express immense gratitude. It’s where I get giddy with excitement. And it’s also where I swear, kick, scream, and cry when the mood calls for it.


My Soul Team hears it all.


You don’t have to be eloquent, precise, grammatically correct, or proper.  You don’t even have to write if that’s not your thing. Your Soul Team knows your heart…even when you don’t.


The other day as I was about to write in my journal, I got inspired.  And instead of writing in my journal I ended up hopping onto my computer and creating a slew of notes that were all addressed to “Dear Soul Team.”  Each note captured a thought or emotion that I have felt somewhere along the line…many that I’m sure you have encountered as well.


I decided I’d like to share these notes with you.  For 3 reasons:


  1. To remind you that you are not alone in what you feel.
  2. To remind you that you always have a Soul Team that’s got your back.
  3. To invite you to post your own notes and start establishing a connection with your Soul Team.


So join me on Instagram for some Soul Team chats using hashtag #DearSoulTeam.


I can’t wait to hear what your Soul has to say! xo


PS. You can search hashtag #DearSoulTeam to get a glimpse of where we’re goin’ with this!