Your Worries & Doubts Are Boring

LizYou know those worries that keep nagging at you? And those doubts that keep stopping you? Well…they’re boring.


Now, I wish I could say I was the creative genius that came to that conclusion, but the truth is, I came across a letter that Elizabeth Gilbert (you know, the slightly successful, author of Eat, Pray, Love…and now Big Magic?) wrote to her friend when her friend was consumed with fear.


Before sharing the letter, Elizabeth first wrote – “Normally, I would have responded with a long, tender, compassionate letter — trying to convince her once again of her talents, and of my support and faith in her. But I was tired and in a hurry. So instead, I just wrote the truth.”


Even before I read the letter she sent to her friend, I let out a gust of pent up “nice-ness” in reading this prelude. How often in our quest to be kind and caring do we end up holding back on the truth? My gosh…I can’t even count the times!


Now, truth be told, even in my nice-ness, I’ve managed to unintentionally piss off a few friends with my straight-forwardness from time to time ;), BUT as often as that has happened I’ve more often received appreciation for not allowing people to stay stuck in their stories.


As much as I aim to be open and honest with people, there are many times that I hold back. Sometimes because I feel they aren’t ready to hear what needs to be said (but really, who I am to judge that?!), and other times because I’m a chicken shit.


Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about the I’ve-got-something-to-say-and-you-need-to-hear-my-esteemed-and-valued-opinion kind of arrogant “truth.” No, I’m talking about the gentle and unconditionally loving truth that stops people from being stuck in their victim stories.


I find telling it straight, when done with love and compassion, hugely refreshing! Sometimes we just need the truth.


And here’s the truth – You’re worries and doubts are BORING!


Stop talking about them. Stop entertaining them. Stop believing them.


As Elizabeth Gilbert so articulately asserts – “Your fears are just regular old mass-produced, made-in-China, sold-at-Walmart fears. Nothing fine or precious or artisanal about them. So don’t treat them like they’re precious.”


Be original. Be bold. Step away from your worries, doubts, and fears. And step into your outrageously lived life!


Phew…there…I said it! 😉