You’re Allowed to Have it All

With all the awful, gloomy and scary things that go on in the world, it’s hard to believe that we are meant to be living outrageously good lives.


…but we are.


We didn’t come here to settle, we didn’t come here to live in fear, we didn’t come here to coast, we didn’t come here to pass time.


We came here to engage, experience and participate…with all the good stuff.


And the cool part?  When we do this we also begin to transform the energy of the entire planet…that’s seriously how powerful we are.  But it starts with you.


It’s true. You get to have it all.


You are a Divine Being with a Divine Plan entitled (yes entitled, but not in the bratty kinda way) to a Divine Inheritance living at a Divine Standard.


By divine inheritance you get to be amazingly abundant, vibrantly healthy, gratifyingly successful, deeply loved, and joyfully fulfilled….but more importantly, as you enjoy all of these things, you also get to have the profound peace, the deep joy, the inner calm, the boundless gratitude…you get to live with the expansive feeling of well-being and contentment. This is the Divine Standard.


This is what is yours.


You came here equipped with everything you need to live the life you want to live.  You didn’t come here to compare yourself and adjust your desires based on what you’re seeing and hearing.


You didn’t come here to…


  • Settle because others have less
  • Be jealous because others have more
  • Dampen your joy because other’s insist on misery
  • Conform because other’s declare they’re right
  • Live in self-pity because the world claims life is hard
  • Work hard, push, and strive because struggle is admired


Do you still have compassion for those who have forgotten life is meant to be good?  You betcha.  Do you still support where you can?  Hell yeah.  But don’t worry about them.  Their soul is calling them too.  They’re not abandoned. …so don’t abandon yourself.


To expect more is not a selfish way to live.  This is the only way to live.  This is the only way to rise above the limitations and live beyond what we are currently living.


But you first have to believe that you are allowed to have it all. We’ve been shamed into thinking that wanting to have it all is unrealistic, irresponsible, and self-absorbed, but let me tell you, that’s certainly not how your soul sees it!


If there’s something in your life that is anything less than fun and enjoyable, guess what? That’s your soul speaking to you. Your soul is so centered in the knowing of who you are and what your Divine Right is, that it will not waver from that fact. So if you aren’t feeling some version of joy, that’s your soul letting you know it does not agree with you, and your current trend of thought.


Your emotions are your communication center. This is where you get signalled as to which direction will be your best route to your heart’s desires. It’s a very simple signalling system. If you feel good, you’re on track. If you don’t feel good, you’re not. Boom. Simple.


The not so simple part is in you trusting in that.


We’ve allowed our minds to create static with our signals so often we misinterpret the guidance we are receiving.


Your job is to clear up the signals so that you can start to feel and hear them loud and clear. This will be a process of self-trust. Start building a relationship with this communication center, so that you no longer get tripped up or ignore the messages that are coming through.


So today, set a clear intention that you are now open to living the Divine Standard and are willing to open up the lines of communication so that all messages start coming through loud and clear.


And just for the fun of it, start a list of things that you want. Allow yourself to want what you want…no guilt, no second guessing, no settling.